• Ethan Ng's Portfolio
  • Testimonial

    Ethan Ng Yong Le was a student of Greenridge Secondary School from 2015 to 2018. Ethan is a diligent and well-mannered student who listens to the ideas, opinions, and comments of others without interrupting. Ethan is also an efficient worker who perseveres to do well in his studies. When he encounters any doubts in his studies, he would discuss with his friends and pose questions to his teachers to clarify them. Ethan has a positive mindset and is respectful towards his peers and teachers. He is task oriented and sincere in his interactions with others. This trait enables him to form long lasting friendship between him and his classmates. He enjoys the humanities and is always commended by his teachers for his flair for language. Ethan is also a helpful and caring student whom aids his fellow peers whenever they are in need. Ethan also often volunteers to participate class activities and sets a good role model for his friends. For his Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), Ethan was a dedicated and active cadet of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). A senior cadet, Ethan exhibited his deep passion for his CCA and strived to give his best performance in every training. In 2017, Ethan participated in the Mount Ophir Expedition which enabled him to train his perseverance and leadership skills. He also participated in the school’s National Day Parade three times over the course of four years. Due to his dedication, he was appointed the Guard of Honor position during his last National Day Parade. Throughout the four years in his CCA, he has learnt the importance of teamwork and integrity. Besides his commitment to his CCA, Ethan displayed his compassion to aid the underprivileged by participating actively in various Values in Action (VIA) projects during his four years in the school. In 2015 and 2016, he was involved in a collaborative activity with the organization ‘Food From The Heart’. He and his classmates collected non-perishable food items from the Bukit Panjang residents for the underprivileged. Ethan also participated in a collaborative project with North West CDC 2017 ,’Bright Spots @NWCDC (Anti-Littering Programme) that was organised by his school. He and his classmates conducted survey with the residents on the cleanliness of the neighborhood and ways that can be improved. From all these programmes, he learnt the importance of giving back to the community and the significance of how such small gestures could make a difference in someone’s life. With his commitment and determination,we believe that Ethan will achieve continual success in his future.