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About Me

Information and Background: I am a dilligent and straightforward person who is always punctual for all occasions. I have studied at Bukit Panjang Primary School and scored an aggregate of 212 for my Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). I regretted not studying when I was in Primary 5 and 6 as it heavily affected my grades for PSLE. I was then enrolled into Greenridge Secondary School in 2015, I did poorly for Secondary 1 but managed to pull my grades up in Secondary 2 and got into the second best class in the school; my grades dropped during Secondary 3 as I spent most of my time playing around instead of studying. But I managed to improve my grades when I reached Secondary 4, with an L1R4 aggregate of 15 and 18 for L1R5 during my O-levels. While I was happy with my grades, I still had some regrets as I was still playing during the O-level period. Regardless, I was still contented with my grades and was able to get into one of the course I wanted. I am currently taking the Diploma in Information and Tecnology at Singapore Polytechnic.

Likes: Computer Games, trying out new food, sleeping and watch people get into conflicts.

Dislikes: Travelling, chinese, doing rigorous sports.

Family's Financial State: Somewhat stabale

Residence: 5-room HDB flat

Siblings: Two Brothers